Which Medifast Meals Fill You Up the Most?


I sometimes hear from people who are very concerned about hunger on Medifast, especially during certain times of the day. I had someone ask me: "what do you consider the most filling Medifast meal? Because I have such a long commute, I have to eat my breakfast very early in the morning. Once lunch time rolls around, I'm absolutely famished. So I need to either load up on breakfast or eat a very filling lunch. What are the most filling options?" I'll address these concerns below.

I definitely think that there are some decent options to work with this situation. And I wasn't sure if she was remembering her mid morning snack. That should help with the hunger. I too eat an early breakfast but I try to fit in a morning snack at about 10:00. Even if you are rushed, all you have to do is take the wrapper off of one of the bars to fulfill the snack requirement.

Filling Medifast Breakfasts: For breakfast, I feel that the most feeling item is a tie between the eggs and the oatmeal. The oatmeal is high in fiber and that helps you to feel full for longer. But the eggs contain a lot of protein and that helps with satiety as well.

Don't get me wrong, I love the latte and cappuccino as far as their taste go, but I just find them to be less filling. Now if she didn't have time for that mid morning snack, then she could also have that with her breakfast. So she might have oatmeal and a bar or eggs and one of the shakes. I know that the diet is designed to space out your meals, but in my own opinion (and that's all this is, an opinion,) combining two meals is better than skipping one of them.

Filling Medifast Lunches: As far as the lunches go, I find the chili to be the most filling for me, followed closely by the sloppy joe. I believe that the fiber in the beans make this a bit more filling than some of the other options. If I had to pick a third food, it would be the chicken noodle soup. Again, as with the breakfast, don't skip that afternoon snack if you are hungry. That's what it is there for. I find that somewhere between 2:30 and 3 is a good time for me, but choose whatever works well for you. And again, if for some reason fitting the snack in the afternoon isn't going to be possible, then consider eating it with your lunch. Possible combinations could be chili with the crackers. Or the sloppy joe with the brownie. Or the chicken noodle soup with one of the puddings.

Don't Forget About Additional Approved Snacks: Keep in mind that not only do you five prepackaged meals to play with, you can also have two approved snacks (with options like celery, pickles, jello, or nuts.) So if hunger is an issue, take advantage of the prepackaged snacks as well as the ones you can add yourself.

Other Options: I'll make one more point. You don't have to have your main, lean and green meal at dinner time. If she really wanted to fill up on breakfast or lunch, she could always make either of those foods her main meal and then have a prepackaged dinner.

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